Sheboygan Brat Plate


Sly's Sheboygan brat plate.

Did you know?

Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capitol of the World.

Which is why our Famous Sheboygan Double brat plate comes with two Grand Champion Miesfeld’s Brat’s “the one’s that made Sheboygan famous!” served up the right way. On a City Bakery Hard Roll fresh out of the brick hearth oven, with a side of baked beans and home made American Potato Salad.

This is an old classic around here and is eaten in as many different ways. All of which are good. Some folks like ’em just the way theu are, others maybe just a little ketchup. Another common approach is the works. Load it up with ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions. It won’t take long to realize why we insist on the ‘Sheboygan’ style hard roll. Still for some you can’t beat the traditional German approach. Piled high with sauerkraut!

Or… How about with eggs? Try our breakfast sandwich anytime.

Burger & Cup of Soup


Burger and cup of soup at Sly's Midtown Salooon and Grill

Monday thru Wednesday Burger & cup of soup, french fries, or sour cream chive potato wedges.

Fresh soups made on site as always. Please see bartender for more details and daily specials.